When the Waves Hit

It happens seemingly without warning. I’m checking my email or listening to a book. I’m watching my boys swim in the pool or checking in on a friend through a text. I’m making dinner or getting the thousandth cup of milk for my son. Suddenly a wave of all that is happening in our world and in my personal life hits me. Sometimes the waves are gentle. They roll in, causing me to pause but do not over take whatever task I was just working on. Other times the waves are huge. They smash into me: fierce and angry. They push me down and swirl me around, moving me from one place to another. Waves of illness, schooling decisions and new this week, my husband’s job loss —to name a few. I’ll spare you the longer list, but I won’t spare you my hope. Psalm 62:8 encourages us to, “trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge.” Hebrews 6:19 says, “We have this hope [Jesus] as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” I’ve believed these verses for a long time. I daily experience living in the refuge of God’s mercy and grace. I live anchored by my hope in Jesus, my salvation and the eternal promise of heaven. I can confidently say that I reside in these truths more often than not. And yet waves still rock me. They still cause me to pause or even more. Friends! We are humans living in a broken world! Comfortable, steady and unaffected by the difficult parts of this world is just not a thing. In reality, we need these waves to keep us from getting complacent to the sins God would have us wrestle with. Waves keep us from sitting on the throne of our lives, serving our own desires rather than the King of Kings and His ways. Waves, either real or metaphorical, will always change what they hit. The seashores have a predictably altered state from the rhythmic motion of the waves. However, the waves in our lives should be different. We should work to make sure we respond the very opposite of predictable. Go ahead! Let them cause you to pause or toss you around a bit. Then, do anything but predictable, choose to lean in to the only One that can see you through to the other side. God is not surprised by the waves. He’s not even shocked by our response to them. As our refuge and anchor, He stands ready to take our anger, frustration and sadness. He can handle our questions and confusion. He is ready to forgive and forget any resulting sin. He is a safe place to land but can also give a kick in the pants when needed :) As the waves roll in, remember in whose refuge you are and to whose anchor you’re connected. The waves are coming. We can't stop them. But perhaps with practice, we’ll all learn to be thankful for those very interruptions the Lord allows that draw us closer to Him. And perhaps our responses will become predictable. Predictably tuned into the King over our lives. We don’t have to enjoy the process to be thankful for the trusted results.

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