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Hi! I'm Kerry Smith. The more you hang out here the more you'll find that I love Jesus, books and my family. I'm an enneagram three and yes, I'll gladly get you hooked on the enneagram if you'd like.  I'll try any and every kind of pizza or queso and if there is football on tv, guaranteed I'm watching.  I'm passionate about Jesus, supporting others and championing women in ministry.  I believe in sharing my life, knowing that God can use it all!  So, don't be surprised if you see a verse from the Bible, my latest laundry system and a failed attempt at cauliflower nachos all in one week.  


I work in full time ministry as the Director of Women and Children at Good News Church in Powell, Ohio.  I'm the content editor for the Plant Strong Podcast, a podcast that helps women maximize their role in church planting.  I host the Gathered Courage Podcast and co-author of A Place For Everything Blog. 

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